The rules of the past are no longer reliable markers of future success.

The lines between breakthrough, innovation, storytelling and customer experience have been decimated.

Disruption and ‘black swan events’ are the new norm.

No-one can confidently predict where the next Netflix will come from, only that it will come.

In the age of continuous innovation, creativity at the highest levels has become the greatest unfair advantage.

Because the ones changing the world today connect through everything they do, not just what they say.

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We help ambitious leaders, teams and organisations adapt and thrive in one of the most restless eras our world has known.

Modern Equivalent is a co-creative and innovation company.

Our approach resets the role of creativity in business by collapsing old borders between storytelling, customer experience and innovation — to redefine categories, create products that matter, companies that scale, and brands people care deeply enough about to share.

We’ve helped scale products that have enhanced the lives of billions, reimagined iconic brands, revived and relaunched category incumbents, and helped bring disruptive new ventures to the world.

We work on special projects and retained relationships, advise founders, senior leadership and Boards, build one-of-a-kind collectives, bulletproof internal teams, and share our insights through talks, training and published pieces.

Born in London, raised in Sydney, supporting change-makers all over the globe.

Our team have worked with some of the most progressive organisations in the world.

“Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?”

— Gary Hamel

Customised workshops, creative leadership, masterclasses and keynotes.


Our workshops help teams solve real problems in realtime — to challenge what’s possible, reset futures, reimagine their story, accelerate through change, and design bold new experiences that truly matter to people today.

Workshops are co-created with our clients and bespoke to the challenge, delivering actionable insights, frameworks and tools that can be rapidly applied to drive better, healthier organisations.


We help foster growth mindsets and build high performance cultures through our hands-on masterclass series. Understand how to use creativity to radically transform, shape and share the story of disruptive innovation, and design unfair advantage through moments of high growth and change.

We speak on a variety of topics, including how creativity is any company’s ultimate unfair advantage, purposeful leadership, why CEOs are the new storytellers, digital transformation, and the untapped power of human technology — the next horizon of disruptive innovation.

We partner with companies at all stages of their journey, from VC-backed startups to publicly listed transformers.

We’ve supported founders and teams in LONDON, OSLO, HONG KONG, SYDNEY and beyond, generally with a focus on deliberately global ideas, those seeking to disrupt markets, reinvent supply chains and consumer experience, reimagine learning, or positively enhance human potential.

We’ve helped scale products that have enhanced the lives of billions, regularly advise founders, CEO’s and Boards, helped design and align teams during moments of accelerated growth and change , held interim CMO / CBO / CSO / CIO roles at key moments, and occasionally invest in ventures we can make a tangible difference to.


  • Board and strategic advisory
  • Venture design
  • Founder vision and leadership storytelling
  • Brand strategy, purpose, story and identity
  • Monetisation and growth
  • Brand extensions and partnerships
  • Interim CSO / CBO / CIO leadership
  • Mentoring and capability design
  • Investment support and service equity



Paul has led and evolved some of the world’s most progressive creative, design and technology firms — helping iconic brands such as COCA-COLA, FASHION WEEK and the BBC create unfair advantage, and connect with audiences increasingly hard to reach. Since 2002, he’s also supported the startup community as a speaker, advisor, angel, mentor and interim leader, working inside and out of companies that have impacted the lives of over a billion people and been featured in mainstream media, from THE NEW YORK TIMES to WIRED.

He now applies his unique approach to creative leadership, transformation and storytelling to help ambitious founders, CEOs, teams and boards clarify opportunity, reimagine battered categories, and create entirely new ones.


Kirsty has helped some of the world’s leading premium, beauty and lifestyle brands in Europe, Australia and Asia digitally transform for the new world.

Having worked extensively inside category leaders such as LA MER, ORIGINS, TOM FORD and JO MALONE in London — at both global and local market levels — she now helps other teams navigate the complex waters surrounding digital transformation, product innovation, and modern retail.

With a healthy obsession for what customers truly value, she helps teams unlock new market opportunities, future proof products and accelerate brands.